The Ethics Commons seeks to connect people across disciplines and across the causeway in ways that facilitate transformation and integration of ethical considerations in research, education, and public engagement.  Our initial work focuses on ethics and its relationship to health, science, and technology.  As opportunities and interest arise, so will the disciplinary scope of this project. 

Interdisciplinary approaches to discovery in ethics, health, science, technology, and other fields can open new pathways in research, education, and engagement. Interdisciplinary approaches can –

  • Produce new ethics tools and promote the role for ethics thinking in health, science, and technology;
  • Stimulate innovation in health, science and technology by integrating ethics into the discovery process;
  • Enhance health, science, and technology education at UC Davis to serve growing student demand for ethics curriculum, and train the next generation of STEM leaders;
  • Build a community across UC Davis that engages to advance ethics, health, science, and technology research and education with attention to equity, justice, and the needs of the many communities in which we live.